Great Chebeague:
A  Guide to Island Living

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Grace Groothoff  *  Caroline Loder  *  Erika Neumann

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This idea for a welcome guide came out of our personal journeys choosing to move to this beloved island of about 350 people, and then actually moving and resettling our families to Chebeague Island. We learned how to live on island from trial and error, community and isolation, tears of joy and frustration, grit and imaginative problem solving. All of our efforts were, and continue to be, worth it. 

Some of us had a previous on-island network; others started from scratch. Regardless, we want to pay it forward and help others settle in by sharing the information we have amassed. The guide is by no means complete. It will probably have outdated information as soon as we go to print. But we believe it will have helpful ideas and processes about how to navigate island life.

When we call this a guide, think of a guide in terms of a trusted leader on an outdoor adventure, a museum docent, but not an encyclopedia with footnotes nor an official yellow pages. We have derived information from our personal experiences, taken numbers and names from our personal contact lists and where possible, got information from friends and neighbors. Amazing things get accomplished on this island in personal ways that are not official, so in our many lists of resources or services, we have likely left out some brilliant solutions to big projects. Maybe this will catch on and become a regularly updated source for newcomers.

 Grace Groothoff, Caroline Loder 

& Erika Neumann